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Hancock Neighborhood Association Minutes
May 16, 2018
1. Mark Harkrider, welcomed our guest
speakers from the Texas Facilities
Commission who spoke about the
construction of the 1st phase of the Health &
Human Services 406,000 ft building on
North Lamar across from the Triangle.
Construction will begin June, 2018 and
completed December, 2018. The building
will be nine levels and expected to
accommodate 1,525 full time employees; in
addition, there will be a seven level parking
garage which will accommodate 1,866 cars.
It is being built to consolidate, under one
roof, many of the State employees who
currently are spread throughout the city.
There are three phases proposed that is, two
more buildings, however, this is the only
building approved by the legislature at this
The Facilities Commission stated it is trying
to obtain a waiver from the Occupation
Safety agency to turn–off the
back-up beepers on the trucks so to lessen
the noise disturbance; they recognize the

construction lights at night also will be a
disturbance to neighbors. Trucks will be
using #283, Lamar, 51st and 45th (yikes) to
get to the site.
Future employees of the building, who drive
to work, will be coming from all directions
and using many different roadways.
For further information go to:
Committee Reports:
Mary Ann Osborne, a member of the HNA
Local Historic Committee, reported that
local historic committee met on May 5th and
had thus far received approximately 10
responses from the letter which was sent to
residents in April. The committee is seeking
more volunteers to assist with neighbor to
neighbor meetings. The committee is
considering a public meeting, with expert
panelists, to be held in October. For more
information: or see
Document tab; email:HNA
Bruce Fairchild, presented a hard copy of
the Treasurer’s report. There were no other

Mike Hebert of CommunityNotCommodity
urged everyone to go to
CommunityNotCommodity website for
information on CodeNEXT and to write their
concerns to the Mayor and City Council
members. Also, he urged people to attend
and speak out at the City Council public
hearings on Tuesday, May 29, starting at
10:00 am at City Hall and Saturday, June 2,
starting at 10:00 am.
The City Council will have its first reading
votes on CodeNEXT Wednesday, June 13th.
Submitted by Msanger May 22, 2018