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Stop Stealth Dorms Update

Stop Stealth Dorms update document provided by Mary Sanger.

Input to CoA on Stealth Dorms

The following information was provided by Mary Sanger:

The Austin City Council recently passed two resolutions relating to rental registration. The first was offered by Council Member Spelman, and it calls for the City Manager to initiate Code amendments for stiffer penalties for repeat violators of public health and safety codes and to require certain repeat offenders to register with the City. The second was offered by Council Member Tovo, and it calls for the City Manager to develop a one-year pilot registration program for certain residential rental property in the areas of North Austin Civic Association, Restore Rundberg, East Riverside/Oltorf Combined Neighborhood, Central Austin Neighborhood Advisory Committee Planning Areas, Hyde Park, Northfield, and North Loop.

The Tovo resolution specifically addresses stealth dorms. However, its primary thrust is multifamily properties, which the Austin Code Compliance Department has interpreted to mean triplexes and larger. With respect to duplexes and houses, the ordinance directs the program to "identify conditions under which registration for single family or duplex rental properties would be required." At a meeting hosted July 16th by the Code Compliance Department, Director Carl Smart indicated that they are considering repeat offenses as a possible trigger of registration for duplexes and houses.

Stealth Dorms Updates

Current updates on the Harris Avenue Duplex, rental registration, and duplex occupancy limits can be found at http://stopstealthdorms.com.

Board of Adjustment Hearing Re. Harris Avenue Duplexes Monday, May 13 at 5:30pm

There is a Board of Adjustment hearing about proposed dorm duplexes at 718, 720 and 722 Harris Avenue on Monday, May 13 at 5:30 to consider an appeal filed for an interpretation that the zoning code permits only one building to be constructed on that site -- not three. Residents of Central and North Central Austin are urged to attend, and show support; and to also let the City Manager, City Attorney and City officials know we want the duplex occupancy limits lowered. The hearing will be held at City Council Chambers.

Stop Stealth Dorms

A severe problem has been developing in Central and North Central Austin neighborhoods related to housing called "dorm-style duplexes" or "stealth dorms." The terms generally describe duplexes or houses rented to six or more unrelated people, usually students, who use them as dormitories or rooming houses. For the last eight years, college towns across the country have responded to the issue of stealth dorm duplexes in older neighborhoods by lowering occupancy limits of dorm-style duplexes. It’s time for Austin to do the same.

Stealth dorms and dorm duplexes are devastating neighborhoods and disrupting lives in Central and North Central Austin neighborhoods. Please take a minute to look at this website http://stopstealthdorms.com and ask the City of Austin to take emergency action to stop this plague in our neighborhoods.

City of Austin Notice for Public Hearing on Perry Estate Historic Zoning

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