Perry Committee Meeting Wed., Sep. 5th at 8pm

The next Perry Committee meeting will be Wed Sep 5th at 8pm in the Hancock Rec Center. The committee has elected to have meetings set for the first Wed and third Tuesday of the month at 8pm, and if it is found we don’t need to meet we can cancel meeting.
Sep 5 Agenda:

  1. 8:00pm- Review committee process- limited open communication on non-agenda items at beginning of meeting, neighbors may speak on agenda items but time limited. Take any input on a non-agenda item.
  2. 8:10- Review committee charge, neighborhood input/responses thus far, what committee has done to date, and how generally the zoning process works.
  3. 8:30- Review letter to developer to state committee position on engaging next round of discussions with developer.
  4. 8:45- Review current site development, what could exist without a zoning change, and how this compares with the proposed development. Discuss other similar venues for public gathering/weddings.
  5. 9:00- Discuss a process for gathering public input at the Sep/Oct general meeting. 
  6. Note- Any need for periodic closed sessions will be discussed at September general HNA meeting.
  7. Note- Next meeting to be in-depth discussion about the development proposal.
  8. 9:20- meeting adjourn

Perry Committee Members: Reed Henderson, Rafi Anuar, Bart Whatley, Carolyn Palaima, Holly Noelke, Bruce Fairchild, Gay Ratliff, Linda Guerrero, Cody Coe

Committee Report: Perry Committee Meeting with City Staff

Following are notes that were generated/reviewed by committee members to let you know about information learned related to zoning and city ordinances in a meeting with city staff. No recommendations were formulated or actions taken by committee members at this meeting.


  1. Meet with city staff representing: Zoning, Transportation, Historic, Sound, Floodplain, Neighborhood Planning to discuss questions regarding potential development at the Perry Estate.

Meeting Notes – 7-30-12 Perry Meeting with City Staff


City of Austin Staff: Jerry Rusthoven & Clark Patterson / Zoning, Keith Mars / City Arborist Office, Steve Sadowski / Historic Landmark Office, Joe Alezmon  / Transporation, Maureen Meredith / Neighborhood Planning, Don Pitts / Music Division.

Developer’s Agent: David Hartman.

Neighborhood Ad-hoc Perry Committee Members: Linda Guerrero, Reed Henderson, Bruce Fairchild, Bart Whatley, Rafi Anuar.

  1. SOUND

Notice of Public Hearing for Rezoning - 4306 Red River

Notice of Public Hearing to Amend Neighborhood Plan - 4306 Red River

Notification of Filing for Application for Neighborhood Plan Amendment - 4306 Red River Street

Notes from the 6-19-2012 Perry Ad-hoc Committee Meeting

Perry Project Conceptual Images

Perry Project Information

Imagine Austin at City Council: 6pm Thursday, 6/14

The hearing on the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan is item 58 on this Thursday's City Council agenda. The public hearings are scheduled to begin at 4 PM. There are 9 items under the heading Public Hearings and Possible Actions that precede Imagine Austin so it is unlikely that the hearing on the comp plan will be right at 4.
If you have concerns about the comprehensive plan - things that are in the plan that need to stay in the plan, things that are not in the plan that should be, things that are in the plan but should not be - I recommend that you participate in the public hearing. This plan will guide the city for some time so it is important that it is done right, or at least as close to right as possible.
If you want to review the plan you can access it here: http://www.imagineaustin.net/plan

Thursday’s public hearing on Imagine Austin will be time certain (that is, not before) 6pm. Please join us and share your thoughts with Council.

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