HNA Zoning Committee Minutes for June 8, 2015

HNA Zoning Committee Minutes: June 8, 2015

  1. Approval of Minutes from May 4,2015. Vote: 6-0
  2. Action Item #3: approve proposal on SF3 Zoning changes to the Duplex category
    in the Land Development Code. Vote: 6-0
  3. Action Item #4: approval to present SF3 Zoning changes and make recommendation to the HNA membership at the July meeting regarding the specific revisions to the Duplex category in the Land Development Code. Vote 6-0
  4. ZC member, James Harkrider, informed the ZC of a new tool to search permits.
    This link will be sent all the ZC members in order to download on personal computers.
  5. Meeting Adjourned at 8:09pm.


june 2015 - ZC minutes.pdf

june 2015 - ZC minutes.docx

Guadalupe Corridor Improvement Program Update

Information provided by "Alan Hughes, P.E." <alan.hughes@austintexas.gov>

Guadalupe Corridor Improvement Program

Draft Recommendations Coming This Fall

Traffic congestion and road safety are concerns shared by most Austinites who live, work, and play along "The Drag.” Improving conditions along the Guadalupe corridor could take some stress out of commuting, or just make it easier to drop in for lunch. To address these challenges, last November the City of Austin launched the Guadalupe Corridor Improvement Program, to help identify short-term to long-term transportation improvements to enhance mobility, safety, and quality of life along one of Austin's most treasured urban landscapes.

Finding the right solutions means hearing straight from those who navigate the corridor. Since the launch, the City has continued to gather community input and make progress on developing improvement recommendations. In February, the project team held a series of small-group meetings with area stakeholders. Among the discussions, participants considered priorities, constraints, and ideas for all modes of travel along the corridor.

Throughout the project, the City of Austin has listened to the community and encouraged input on how to enhance the Guadalupe corridor for pedestrians, bicycles, public transportation, and vehicles. Opportunities have included an Online Survey and an Open House Meeting on December 3, 2014. More than 780 participants took the survey from November 15, 2014 to February 6, 2015, and 81 attended the Open House Meeting (see pictures). The complete Online Survey results and Open House ‘Thought Wall’ Comments are now available for download.

Later this fall, the City will host a Public Meeting and Business Open House to share the identified solutions and listen to public feedback. The program recommendations are expected to be completed this winter.

To read more, please see http://client.cultural-strategies.com/t/ViewEmail/r/4713E2BBD863E4092540...

HNA Zoning Committee Meeting June 8

HNA Zoning Agenda

June 8, 2015 

Time: 6:45pm         Location: Hancock Recreation Center basement


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Approve minutes from May 4, 2015
  3. Action Item: Discuss and review the proposed SF3 Zoning Ordinance draft and make recommendations related to specific revisions and modifications to the SF3 Zoning Ordinance
  4. Action Item: make recommendations to HNA Executive Officers and HNA membership regarding amended SF3 Zoning Ordinance changes to the Duplex category in the Land Development Code
  5. Discuss permit notification tool
  6. Neighborhood Communication-Three minutes to address any zoning item
  7. New Business-Future agenda items
  8. Adjourn

zoning June 2015.docx
zoning June 2015.pdf

zoning June 2015.pdf

zoning June 2015.docx

Perry Estate / HNA Escrow Agreement

Escrow agreement between Perry Estate LLC (Clark Lyda, Manger) and Hancock Neighborhood Association

ZC minutes 5-4.pdf

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