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HYDE PARK PLAZA 43 & Duval Streets Intersection and Safety Improvements

The Hyde Park Plaza project, first developed in 1998 in a workshop led by Partners for Livable Places for neighbors and business owners, with goals to enhance the overall safety for all modes of transportation and to provide additional outdoor seating and gathering space, was never constructed. Earlier this year, business owners suggested reviving this plan to achieve its goals and to renew the this older heavily used local hub.
Original project goals to create better public space included: · · Create a public commons by closing the driveway between Julio's and Dolce Vita. Provide additional outdoor seating areas by switching public sidewalks and street parking.

Original City of Austin goals and drawing included: · · · Enhance pedestrian safety by switching public sidewalks and street parking. Create "bulb outs" at the intersection to slow traffic and narrow crossing distances. Install paved crosswalks for pedestrian safety at "bulb-outs".

This year the plan has been presented to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, the Hyde Park Contact Team and Hancock Neighborhood Association for their ideas and support. The project supports a number of Neighborhood Plan Action Items in area plans created since 1998. Proposed changes from the 1998 plan today include: · · · · · Reverse angle parking on Duval to enhance bicycle safety. (City preference) Install 43rd Street crosswalk at Avenue H to slow traffic. Relocate the north part of the Avenue H/Duval alley for pedestrian safety. Move Avenue H parking access to 43rd St. for motorists convenience. Enhance bus stop facilities.

Private owners are also interested in locating funding to: · · · · · Bury utility lines. Redesign and coordinate signage Coordinate solid waste and recycling Landscaping Exterior and pedestrian lighting

In 1998 the City budgeted funds for this project, however, since it was not completed, the funds were reallocated to other projects. Recently, the City of Austin included the project in a list of potential CIP projects, although without a specific time frame for funding. City staff supports the completion of the public portions of this project in order to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in this heavily traveled local intersection.

Hyde Park Plaza Project Karen McGraw Architect

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Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan, April 13, 2000 Action Items: #23 #27 #28 #30 #32 #34 #38 #43 #53 Complete sidewalks both sides of various streets including Duval. (Action item 5) Permit outdoor seating as accessories to restaurants w/o additional parking where they are proposed in conjunction with a relevant transportation project. Add lighting along major pedestrian routes including 43rd St. (Action item 6) The City of Austin should continue to present significant plans for improvement to any streets in Hyde Park to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association / Planning Team. The speed limit on Duval Street should be changed to 30 MPH. This is a major route to UT and Lee Elementary and is heavily used by bicyclists. Ensure safe crossings to other natural green spaces including Hancock (golf course). Key intersections should have curbs painted for no parking to address visibility at 40th/duval, Park Avenue/Duval, and 42nd and 44th adjacent to Guadalupe. Provide bus shelters at 39th/Guadalupe, 46th/Guadalupe in conjunction with Triangle development and at 43rd/Duval. Place storefronts and building entrances at the front property line to reinforce the pedestrian character of the street. (Mixed-use structure. Design Guidelines.)

Hancock Neighborhood Plan (Central Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan) August, 2004 Goal Three ­ Allow mixed-use development along the existing commercial corridors that is pedestrian-oriented, neighborhood friendly, neighborhood scaled, and serves neighborhood needs. Duval Street ­ Objective 3.8 Commercial uses located at nodes along Duval Street should continue to serve neighborhood needs and contribute to a more pedestrian-oriented environment. Residential uses should be allowed at these locations in addition to commercial uses, but commercial uses should be retained whenever possible, particularly at the intersection of 43rd and Duval Street. Commercial uses should not spread farther into the neighborhoods. Goal Five ­ Provide a safe environment and opportunities for all modes of transport. Objective 5.2 ­ Complete and improve the pedestrian network within the planning area. This can reduce the need for automobiles to access services in the planning area.. Objective 5.12: Busy streets that connect residential to commercial areas and commercial areas to each other should be made more pedestrian friendly. Although sidewalks connect most of these routes, street trees should be planted to shade pedestrians and buffer them from vehicular traffic. Motorized Mobility Objective 5.13: Improve vehicular movement throughout the planning area. Objective 5.14: Improve integration among modes of transport. Objective 5.15: Improve the convenience and comfort of bus travel.

Hyde Park Plaza Project Karen McGraw Architect

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