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Hancock Neighborhood Association Statement on the Hancock Golf Course
By vote of the Hancock Neighborhood Association membership at a Special Meeting held March 31,
2021, a consensus was found on supporting the following components pertaining to the Hancock Golf
Component 1: Support budget sustainability for Hancock Golf Course
 Promote adding food and beverage vendors to offset cost for equipment and course
 Suggest opening the Hancock recreation center as a clubhouse on Sundays to promote golf
community interest
 Redesign of problematic holes identified on the golf course to increase rounds played
 Youth golf programs that serve city-wide groups, such as the Junior Golf Academy and First Tee
 Introduce adult-beginner programs to attract new players
 Annual frisbee golf tournament
 Family-friendly live music events featuring nonamplified acoustic music to serve as Hancock
 Formalize a relationship between HNA and course managers to ensure community engagement.
Component 2: Continuation of non-golf community spaces (trail, soccer fields, playscape, etc.)
 Ensure that existing non-golf community spaces are preserved (trail, soccer fields, playscape,
 Continued collaboration with PARD on non-golf community use as exemplified in the trail
 HNA engagement session to explore the enhancement of community spaces
 Non-golf open park days
 Encourage plantings of trees/bushes for pedestrian/vehicle safety and shade.
Component 3: What we oppose
 Oppose a driving range
 Oppose netting/fencing around Hancock Golf Course
 Oppose night lighting beyond the Hancock Rec Center parking lot
 Oppose a concessionaire taking over general operations of the golf course.