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May 16, 2012 HNA Meeting was Called to order ­ 7:00 p.m. Minutes from the March Meeting ­ motion to approve after clarification to wording of Perry Estate report - and seconded Request for endorsement of the 10 ­ 1 plan, i.e., the plan to revise the city charter to create 10 council seats based on geographic representation. Presentation by Delia Garza of the Citizens for Geographic Representation. Motion: Mark Burch moved to table until July meeting and possibly have a special meeting to discuss. seconded by Cody Coe. Valerie Goodman and Mayra Freeman ­ Appeal to HNA membership for special conditional use permit for Pride and Joy Day Care, 905 E 38th St., with legally binding agreement to revoke permit if property is no longer used for Pride and Joy Day Care Motion: Mark Burch moved to support request, conditional on bond being raised to $5,000; second by ­ Bruce Fairchild presented an alternative motion that a group within HNA work to modify the agreement in a way satisfactory to all parties that provides HNA with more long term assurances that in event they leave or the property changes hands the conditional use permit will be revoked. Seconded by Chris Greer­ 10 in favor 1 opposed 1 abstention on alternative motion. Shannon Ratliff will work with them to create language. Discussion of approaching the city to revisit problem with downtown evening music disturbing area neighborhoods ­ discussion was led by NUNA Representative Robert Kaler­ Sound coming from Stubbs and following Waller creek basin ­ NUNA, Hyde Park, Eastwoods and Hancock located in this basin ­ NUNA has started process to work together with other neighborhoods to address problem with city ­ Kaler asking HNA to join group to pressure city to use science to address the problem ­ asking that HNA president be part of the group ­ Motion by Karen Burch and seconded by Gay Ratliff to allow HNA president to be part of group of neighborhood presidents to talk to city. Motion was approved unanimously Officer Reports


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Sending city notices to webmaster to post on HNA website · Treasurer's report

11,322 current balance Committee Reports · · Ad-hoc Golf Course Committee Ad-hoc Perry Estate Report

Bruce Fairchild reported meeting of ad hoc committee ­ agenda items on website ­ identified concerns ­ committee will do more research on the concerns = Perry estate has more definitive plans to present, probably within next few weeks · · · · · · Newsletter Zoning Streets and Sewers Membership Historic Preservation Parks and Natural Environment

The two main items are: 1. All the paperwork and design details have been finalized for Huffstickler Green (38th and Duval). Work on putting in the landscaping should begin within the next few weeks. 2. Trail around Hancock Golf Course--We had a site meeting with D'Anne Williams (PARD), Chris Sheffield (YouthWorks) and Carolyn Palaima to go over the design and construction requirements for the 38th Street side of the trail around the golf course. Work will begin in July. The work will be done by the Environmental Corps of American YouthWorks. This program provides green job training to young people. We suggest providing refreshments for the team to show neighborhood support for their efforts and will send out a notice to that effect when work begins.

CANPAC Representatives report Votes from other neighborhoods on golf course support ­ take back HNA proposal to have other neighborhoods support Board of adjustment recommended to staff about stealth dorms ­ gap in code ­ Nuria Zaragosa spearheading effort to stop stealth dorms for all neighborhoods. board of adjustment asked city to clarify policy.

Other Business Items · Robin McCall Pollock, ABR, et al. ­ preliminary presentation on request for variance on Red River Request to neighborhood for zoning change on Red River for Austin Vintage Guitars owned by Leslie and Steven Fulton to relocaterealtor Robin McCall -asking HNA to support zoning change to light retail­ to be sent to HNA zoning committee for recommendation and to circulate findings Announcements Adjourned at 8:35 Close of Meeting