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MEMORANDUM TO: CC: FROM: Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo, District 9 Robert Goode, P.E., Assistant City Manager Robert Spillar, P.E., Director, Austin Transportation Department August 17th, 2015


SUBJECT: 32nd Street Mobility Project Proposal ___________________________________________________________________________ The purpose of this memorandum is to make you aware of a proposed project to improve safety and mobility on 32nd Street between IH-35 and Red River Street. 32nd Street is located in in Central Austin, City Council District 9, as shown in the map on page 2. Background: The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) routinely analyzes streets to identify opportunities to improve connectivity and safety often in coordination with routine street maintenance (road resurfacing and restriping). This coordination provides the most cost effective method for implementing these improvements to the transportation network. 32nd Street serves as a key east-west bicycle route which crosses IH-35 and connects the University of Texas and the Hyde Park Neighborhood with the Cherrywood neighborhood in East Austin. Following 2015 street resurfacing, the Austin Transportation Department is proposing to add bicycle lanes to 32nd Street between Red River and IH-35. These bicycle lanes will connect to and extend existing bicycle lanes on 32nd Street west of Red River. Analysis: In order to determine the feasibility of this reconfiguration, traffic volumes and turning movements along 32nd were collected and analyzed. All existing motor vehicle lanes are proposed to remain the same with the exception of one left turn lane at St David's Medical Center which will be removed in order to accommodate bicycle lanes. This will not affect emergency vehicle access. Motor vehicles delays are not expected to be impacted as a result of this reconfiguration. Safety for all users (motor vehicles, pedestrians, people on bicycles) is expected to improve.

Delivering a safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation system that enhances the environment and economic strength of the region.

Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo Page 2 August 17, 2015

Next Steps: ATD staff requests an opportunity to brief you and your staff on this project. ATD staff are currently working with St David's Medical Center to notify their staff of the proposed changes. ATD has also reached out to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority which occupies space on the other side of 32nd Street in this area. If needed, modifications to this proposal would be made after all input has been received. Routine maintenance of 32nd Street has recently begun. Dependent on the outcome of the current public process, new striping could be implemented upon completion of that maintenance. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this project. Map of Project Area: 32nd Street between IH-35 and Red River Street

Delivering a safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation system that enhances the environment and economic strength of the region.