HNA Meeting Minutes for January 18, 2017

Minutes from the Hancock Neighborhood Association. Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

Due to the lack of a quorum, those present did not elect Association officers for 2017. Thus the current officers, who were nominated without opposition, will remain in their positions until January, 2018.

District 9 Council member Kathie Tovo and her assistant,Joi Harden, came by the meeting to say hello.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Sabrina Vidaurri, training supervisor for the City's Rodent and Vector Control Program. She gave an excellent, informative and interesting discussion on the habits and qualities of the two types of rats which we have in Austin: the Norway rat and the Tree rat and how to prevent and exclude them from our yards and homes. For those interested in the life and habits of rats, Ms Vidaurri suggested the documentary called "Rats."

The best take away from the presentation is the Rodent and Vector Control Program will come to an owner occupied home and for free assess what you can to do to "exclude" rats from the premises. I do not know if it will do this for commercial properties. Under Austin's code, Commercial/ and rental property owners and landlords are responsible to maintain rentals free from rodents and insects. A tenant/renter may call Code Enforcement ( 311) to report an on going problem, if the owner is not addressing rodents or other infestations, like roaches.

There are numerous companies which provide rodent and rat control services. I use Chem-Free which uses the preferred methods of excluding and killing rats

The Rodent and Vector Control Program: 512-978-0370. You might check out its website for more information. Mary Sanger, Secretary, HNA.