HNA Meeting Minutes for October 6, 2022

Hancock Neighborhood Association
October 6, 2022

Presiding: Coan Dillahunty

Announcement - Saturday, Nov. 5 - It’s my park day. Golf course will be closed to regular golfing all day. Parks Department orchestrating the event. Open house at the recreation center, a nature talk and more.

Treasurer’s report:
Checking account
$3863.93 - Beginning balance
174.67 - Receipts from dues
(757.00) - Disbursements for Newsletter ($750) and bank charges ($7)
3261.60 - Ending balance
Money Market account
$2905.83 - Ending balance

In November, the people involved with Cady Lofts building will present an update to the building.

Hugh Bender presented the by-laws revisions. Ad-hoc committee members are Justin Clemens, Robin Ross, Bart Whatley, Coan Dillahunty and Hugh Bender.

  • He emphasized that the committee wanted to keep in mind the idea that the Association should be more about community and fun, rather than procedure. The committee had their open public meeting a couple of weeks ago to dig into the details. The Association is governed by Robert’s Rules of Order but Hugh explained that the general rules for meeting communication in the by-laws are to provide a simple, relaxed and efficient way of communicating. We can always resort to Robert’s Rules when necessary.
  • Dues can be raised or lowered by the membership.
  • Standing committees section was cleaned up.
  • Notification for meetings is 2 days prior now. This became especially important for the Zoning committee that sometimes has tight deadlines.
  • The committee added a Membership and Talent Committee to identify new leadership so that there will always be a slate of candidates in January.

During the meeting other changes were made:

  • Discussion of the inactive Historic Preservation Committee. Decided to strike it from the by-laws because it hasn’t functioned for a while and could easily be resurrected as an Ad-hoc committee as needed.
  • Discussed allowing age 16 and up for membership and voting. Everyone agreed and the by-laws were adjusted.

Justin Clemmens moved to adopt the by-laws as revised. Robyn seconded.

The revised by-laws will be posted on our website: